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​In line with the guiding principles of  the Standard Setting and Review Procedure adopted by MPOCC and to consider the current sustainability issues facing the oil palm industry, the MS2530: 2013 Standards which have been in use since 2015 is now due for systematic review. MPOCC as the MSPO scheme owner and operator has been directed by the National Steering Committee on MSPO to implement the processes to review the Standards with the aim to finalise the revised Standards by 2020. Any changes to the Standards must be through recommendation made to the Technical Working Committee on MSPO standards and endorsed by the National Steering Committee on MSPO.

In 2017, Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC) in collaboration with International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) engaged Meo Carbon Solutions GmbH to conduct a baseline assessment and gap analysis of the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) Certification Scheme against ISCC sustainability requirements. 

The main objectives of the study were –


  1. Compare the sustainability requirements of these schemes

  2. Strengthen MSPO Principles and Criteria, including a system to harmonize the requirements under ISCC scheme

  3. Identify criteria which are of high priority for communication towards the European Union Parliament 

MPOCC is pleased to highlight the results of the study and one of the immediate priority is to take in consideration these findings in the MSPO standards review exercise which will has recently commenced.


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