Certifying Malaysian Palm Oil

for the World

About Us


To be recognised as a leading organisation for palm oil certification


To establish and operate a credible and internationally recognised national palm oil certification scheme towards promoting sustainable management of oil palm in Malaysia.

Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC) is an independent non-profit organisation established in December 2014 to develop and operate the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) Certification Scheme.  Incorporated as a company under the Companies Act 1965, it is limited by guarantee.  MPOCC is governed by a Board of Trustees and started its operation in October 2015.


To create, maintain and administer a fund to be used for the purposes of establishing and operating a sustainable palm oil certification scheme in Malaysia

To engage with non-governmental organisations, institutions of higher learning, trade associations, and accreditation and certification bodies in Malaysia

To establish a mechanism for the certification of entities complying to sustainability requirements of auditable sustainability standards which includes processing of applicants’ certification, formulating rules with regards to the use and issuance of certificates, approval of assessors’ certification reports, appeals and complaints procedures, and certification costs.