• Agnes

First Meeting of Technical Working Committee on Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil [TWC(MSPO)]

10 July 2017, Kuala Lumpur: MPOCC organised the First Meeting of Technical Working Committee on Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Standards [TWC(MSPO)] held at Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The meeting was attended by some 30 members representing a balanced multi-stakeholder representation of the oil palm sector.

The TWC(MSPO) is a voluntary multi-stakeholder representation of relevant Malaysian stakeholders or groups with interest in the oil palm sector that comprise of members having relevant expertise nominated by their respective organisation representing eight stakeholder groups from the three regions, Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak.

The eight stakeholder groups comprise of government agencies, industry upstream organisations, industry downstream organisations, smallholders organisations, environmental NGOs, indigenous people organisations, Workers Union organisations and academia/research and development institutions.

The 1-day meeting focused on the deliberation of the Terms of Reference (TOR) of TWC(MSPO), discussions on the draft Standards Setting Procedures (SSP) and draft Supply Chain Certification (SCC) Standard to be used under the MSPO Certification Scheme.

The meeting unanimously agreed to the appointment of Steven Yow Thin Chin from Federation of the Palm Oil Millers Association Malaysia (POMA) as the chairperson of the TWC(MSPO), whereas, Dominic Dambul from the East Malaysia Planters’ Association (EMPA) and Napolean Royal Ningkos from Dayak Oil Palm Planters Association (DOPPA) were appointed as the two vice-chairmen, respectively.

In the past, the standard setting process for the MSPO Standards was facilitated by MPOB through the Technical Working Committee for MSPO and the National Committee for MSPO, which were both formed in 2011.

Beginning 2016, MPOCC is responsible for the Standards development and review as the Secretariat to the [TWC(MSPO)].