• Agnes


Selangor: Academic Research on Palm Oil Sustainability (ARPOS) Network invited MPOCC to deliver a keynote address entitled ̒Research and Development Needs to Adopt MSPO Sustainability Standards in Malaysia’ during their second Annual General Meeting at Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi. ARPOS Network was established with the aim of enhancing inter-university collaboration and strengthening the position of Malaysian academic research on palm oil sustainability. The ARPOS Network focuses on multi-disciplinary and applicable academic research within environmental and socio-economic aspects of palm oil production.

In line with the Government’s commitment towards ensuring mandatory implementation of MSPO certification for the palm oil industry by December 2019, MPOCC is continuously carrying out outreach and engagement activities to raise the awareness of the stakeholders regarding the requirements of the MSPO standards.

The event was attended by some 40 members and associated members from ARPOS Network. MPOCC had a very fruitful engagement with ARPOS Network members regarding MSPO certification especially the need for more research on oil palm sustainability to further support the development MSPO certification. This is in tandem with the scheduled revision of MSPO standards by 2018.

Among the issues raised during the engagement are as follows:

  1. Are academic and research communities doing enough to support the sustainable development of Malaysian palm oil industry in a coordinated way?

  2. The types of research to be prioritised, which can play a stronger role in future development of sustainability in palm oil industry as a whole and towards MSPO specifically; and

  3. How universities and research institutes can play a more central role in supporting sustainable development by working closely with the palm oil industry.