• Agnes

Meeting of Experts Working Group on MSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard

The 1st Meeting of the TWC (MSPO) on 10 July 2017 ended with the outcome to move forward by forming an Experts Working Group (EWG) to develop the MSPO SCCS. The objective of the development of the supply chain standard is to strengthen the MSPO Scheme as well as provide the palm oil downstream industry with sustainability certification which will allow them to make a claim that their sustainable products originate from sustainably managed plantations.

The 1st Meeting of the EWG on MSPO SCCS was held on 21 July 2017. The EWG members were represented by eight organisations, including the MBA, MEOMA, PORAM, POMA, MAPA, MPOB, SOPPOA and EMPA. The meeting also focused on the proposed timeline for the development of the MSPO SCCS.

On 4 August 2017, the 2nd Meeting of the EWG on MSPO SCCS was held, which further elaborated on the MSPO SCCS Draft 1 based on the summarised comments received from the TWC(MSPO) members, namely DOPPA, WWF, SEPA, SOPPOA, MBA, MPOA, MEOMA and PORAM.

The 3rd Meeting of the EWG on MSPO SCCS was held on 23-24 November 2017. The meeting discussed the input received from the first public comment for the MSPO SCCS Draft 1. The discussion resulted in the consolidation of the MSPO SCCS Draft 2, which was then endorsed by the TWC (MSPO) at its 3rd meeting held on 19 December 2017.